John Albrecht
Bald Eagles and Bird Strikes

Prior to my introductory vignettes, I had always believed that a bird strike was similar to a mid air collision - an accident. After these incidents, I suspect that some bird strikes are the result of aggressive or predatory behaviour by certain species of raptor - especially the bald eagle. Perhaps it is a territorial trait. It makes one wonder if any of the missing aircraft along the rugged B.C. Coast are victim of an eagle encounter - Food for thought. This is one time when it may be acceptable to fantasize that you are a fighter pilot trying to avoid being bounced.

It is worth emphasizing that many bird strike accidents are preventable. No aircraft types are immune. A high-speed strike can foul-up your flight plan with aircraft damage or pilot incapacitation.

I regale the bald eagle as the orca of the sky. Both reside at the top of their food chain and have no natural predators. Never forget - BALD EAGLES FEAR NOTHING.


  1. The Bald Eagle of Alaska, BC and Washington by David Hancock
  2. Sharing the Skies, Transport Canada
  3. Wild Blue by Chick Childerhose
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